Homeowner Loan

Do you need a loan, but have little or no savings? Are you a homeowner? Then we may be able to help you with a Homeowner Loan. Our interest rate for this type of loan is 2% per month (26.82% APR) and amounts and terms are negotiable depending on your requirements. See the slider below for an illustration of the sort of package we could put together for you.

£250 £6,000
3 months36 months
Your repayments are every month at APR
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Loan Details

A Homeowner Loan is our offering specifically for homeowners over 21 years old and having at least 3 years before reaching pensionable age. The interest rate on this type of loan is 2% per month/24% flat per annum (26.82% APR). To qualify for this low interest loan, you must have held title to a property for at last 3 years; if you rent, unfortunately you cannot apply. You must also be over 21 and have been in the same salaried employment for at least 3 years; self-employment does not qualify. And you must have a fair credit rating. It does not require any pledged savings and is often referred to as "capacity-based" in that the amount we lend is based on a person's capacity to make the necessary repayments. We reserve the right to apply to a Credit Checking agency for a credit reference, but please don't assume that you will be refused just because you have a poor credit history.

We can pay your loan advance by cheque into your personal bank account, by cheque for cashing at a branch of the Co-operative Bank, by cheque for cashing at a Post Office with which we have an arrangement (a charge will apply), by Faster Payment directly into your bank account or by loading the value onto a Prepaid Debit Card.

To apply for a Homeowner Loan, click the button below, print the form and fill it in as fully as possible. Alternatively, forms are available at any of our Service Points.


  • Highly-tailorable loan for homeowners
  • Do not need to attach savings
  • Must be over 21 years old and at least 3 years from taking pension
  • Must have had same salaried employment for 3 years
  • Loan terms negotiable with underwriters
  • No arrangement fee
  • No penalty for early settlement
  • Overpayments welcome
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • Covered by Life Insurance
Terms and Conditions