At City of Plymouth, membership is open to everyone living or working in Devon, Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly. If you're over 18, Adult Membership is for you. Under 18? We have a Junior Saving Account just for you. If you're a company, charity, club, or any sort of business, Corporate Membership is what you need. Why not join us and help your community to prosper?

Adult Membership

If you are over 18 then Adult Membership is for you. Come and join the money revolution!

Junior Saver

Under 18? No problem, you can join as a Junior Saver. You can even join through your school.

Corporate Member

Corporate membership is for businesses, charities and other organisations where personal membership is not appropriate.


All our adult accounts are covered by Life Insurance. If the worst should happen, we will normally pay any account balances after adding any Life Insurance and settling any loans to the Executor of the estate. Members can if they wish instruct us to pay the balance of their accounts to specific individuals by printing out and completing a Beneficiary form for each account they hold. (These forms are also available from our Service Points.)